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Licensing refers to the leasing or renting of an intangible asset such as a sporting property or brand, allowing the “Licensee” to benefit from the recognition and credibility of the “Licensor” for an agreed period of time, within an agreed territory.

Sport & Entertainment Solutions is currently working with a number of Licensing properties including FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Real Madrid CF and the National Basketball Association to name a few.

These exciting opportunities are best suited but by no means limited to brand sectors such as FMCG, Retail, Telecommunications and QSR (Quick Service Restaurants/Fast Food).

The key advantages to Licensing include:

  • Allows for Regional Marketing Partnerships within specific Territories on a Global Platform.
  • Provides an opportunity for immediate customer interaction with an established fan base.
  • Assists in driving purchase to the Point of Sale and can be easily monitored and measured post-sale.
  • Seen as a cost effective tool and an ideal first step in testing a Regional Marketing Partnership or Brand Association.

In order to define exactly our clients’ requirements, we must carefully select from the Licensing Variables below, based on their needs and objectives:


Country Specific (Per Individual Market) and Region Specific

Time Frame

Seasonal Target, Period Target ( Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

Image Rights

Logo Usage, Player Images, Association Rights

Marketing Rights

Point of Sale (POS), Advertising (Outdoor Media, Print, TVC’s), Competitions / Promotions, Premium Based Initiatives