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Disney On Ice is returning to Doha with another magical show. We interview Director Patty Vincent to find out more about Princesses & Hereos.


(Director Patty Vincent)

What has been the best part of  staging Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes?

The best part about staging Disney On Ice presents Princess & Heroes was the diversity between all the different properties.

And the hardest part?

I think the most difficult part was to be sure that we created enough variety within all the different Princess solo’s, pair skates and production numbers.

After the great success of Frozen, how did you feel directing this show?

It was a huge honour to have the opportunity to direct this show. The movie Frozen was so successful, that it inspired me to really develop the characters. the movement, the atmosphere and the heart of the film and bring these beloved characters to life.

Why do you think Frozen became so iconic?

The music was so powerful. Every lyric had meaning and really moved the story along with such emotion. The relationship between the two sisters was so beautifully told. There’s a lot of heart and humour in this story that everyone can relate to.

What are the most popular acts in the show?

We have an acrobat act during The Little Mermaid segment that’s spectacular and highly unusual to see something like this performed on ice. Aladdin and Prince Eric are incredible physically jumping from our set holding a single rope from about 25 feet above the Ice. We have amazing skating throughout the show.

What was your favourite scene to direct?

The Blizzard in Frozen was one or my favourite scenes to direct. It was probably the most challenging because of the characters location and conflict with one another.

Any memorable moment from the Princesses & Heroes tour?

I don’t tour with the show, however I do visit the show every now and again and I really enjoy seeing the growth In the characters, skating, performances and technical elements. It’s wonderful to return and see how beautiful the show looks and hear the audience reaction throughout.

What challenges do you face bringing the show to the Middle East?

I suppose preparing the performers for the different language as well as the crew to manage their cues in a different language.

What Is the best part of directing a show seen by millions of people from different cultures?

lt’s an incredible feeling to know that our shows touch so many people around the world. I love hearing how different cultures receive and react to different parts of the show.


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